Our expertise

We rely on 15 years’ experience working with over 1,200 companies, in more than 25 countries, in a variety of contexts to develop the services you need.

Every day, we communicate with our clients and with the major factoring and credit insurance players to improve our support.

Factoring: Financing of receivables

Since 2017, factoring has gradually replaced other forms of short-term credit in Europe.
Our team supports you in the selection, negotiation and implementation of the factoring programme that best suits your needs:

  • Conventional factoring
  • Confidential factoring (or non-notification factoring)
  • Notified and non-managed factoring / Unmanaged notified factoring
  • Deconsolidating factoring
  • Recourse factoring
  • Reverse factoring
  • Import-export factoring
  • Balance financing


We support you to ensure the success of your securitisation project:

  • Syndicated or non-syndicated receivables securitisation
  • SPV (Special Purpose Vehicle) bankruptcy remote
  • Off-balance sheet
  • Receipts accounts
  • Cash pooling
  • With or without credit insurance

Credit Insurance

Credit insurance is a way to cover your customer risk and an essential lever for optimising your receivables financing. Our credit insurance specialists will help you choose the type of credit insurance policy that is best suited to your business and your risks:

  • Full cover credit insurance
  • Inclusive insurance
  • Delegated or co-insurance
  • Excess of loss

IT solutions

We offer our clients IT solutions that enable them to effectively manage their factoring programmes:

  • Automation of exchanges
  • Monitoring of credit limits
  • Tracking and flow analysis
  • Information security
  • Management of multi-site and multi-country programmes

Inventory financing

Our subsidiary Haro, advises you on the best stock guarantee adapted to your financing needs.
We assist you in finding a inventory-based credit line and set up the guarantee in favour of the lender (bank or specialised debt fund):

  • Pledge of stocks with dispossession
  • Pledge of stocks without dispossession
  • Valuation of the inventory and the financing base to secure your bank/lender