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Publishing and integrating management solutions for your factoring operations

Factoring IT solutions

Your needs

The smooth operation of a factoring or securitisation programme involves continuously tracking and analysing a large amount of accounts receivable data.

In particular, you will need to:

  • distinguish between assigned and non-assigned customers
  • identify invoices that have already been transferred and those that need to be
  • monitor and adjust your credit insurance coverage to optimise your financing
  • distinguish between factor-owned flows and others
  • track performance indicators of accounts receivable such as DSO, late payments or the asset rate.

We develop specific solutions to meet each of your factoring management needs.

Our solutions

Our factoring software provides the essential fonctionalities to effectively manage your securisation or financing programme:

  • Debtor management
  • Customer base qualification
  • API interfaces with your credit insurance provider
  • Generation of transfer files
  • Analysis of flows and discrepancies between two transfers
  • Real-time monitoring of credit insurance coverage
  • Integration of feedback from your factoring partner
  • Monitoring of your risk indicators (credit note rate, DSO, delays, etc.)

Advice, integration, training

Our developers and consultants support you in the integration of our solutions:

  • Checking the compatibility of your information systems with factoring requirements
  • Installing our software in your environment in complete security
  • Training and assisting you in the use of our tools until you are completely autonomous
  • Offering you all the innovations that can help factoring users

Our consultants’ skills

  • Experts in the organisation of accounting information
  • Experts in information systems and their factoring compatibility
  • Software integrators
  • R&D in the optimisation of accounts receivable
  • Training and support

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