International group

Succeed and secure your non-recourse / deconsolidating factoring project of your accounts receivable in your various subsidiaries.

Our international team shares its experience in factoring and credit insurance in 25 countries.

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Contexts encountered


Having a reliable financing line at the lowest rate in Europe


Refinancing all or part of your debt


Optimising your balance sheet with deconsolidation factoring


Financing your organic growth and/or external operations

Benefits of factoring

  • Sustainable financing
  • Possibility of confirmation in the long term
  • Deconsolidation according to IFRS, French GAAP and US GAAP rules
  • Rapid set-up (about 3 months)
  • Possibility of centralising your cash management
  • Resistance to changes in shareholders
  • Homogenisation of your receivables mobilisation practices in different countries

Focus on factoring and international groups

A group established in several countries may find it worth to build a single debt financing programme.
This programme can take many forms: confidential factoring, balance financing or securitisation.
A group approach brings greater fluidity to financing, economies of scale and many operational benefits.

Chateaudun Crédit has 15 years’ experience as a specialist in this type of international project.

What are the challenges of an international program?

Measuring the group’s financing potential

Starting with the group’s cash needs, it is necessary to identify subsidiaries capable of contributing to financing in the most simple and effective way.

These contributors are chosen on the basis of sales volume, type of business, customer base, information systems or the countries from which they operate.

Chateaudun Crédit’s primary mission is to define, with you, the scope of debts that will best suit your needs.

Organising the project and setting up the management team

To complete this project through to the first financing, a coordinator is needed to mobilise several teams: finance, sales administration, credit management but also IT and legal.

When the program is ready to start, someone from the cash management team centralises the daily monitoring of financing and communication with financial partners.

It will nevertheless be possible to choose between centralised or decentralised management of reporting and financing.

Chateaudun Crédit is there to support and advise everyone involved in the management of a factoring or securitisation contract.

Successful negotiation and implementation phase

The negotiation of a factoring or securitisation contract does not only cover a financing rate and financing line.

To choose the right partner and the right financing technique, it will be necessary to ensure that:

  • the chosen partner effectively covers all countries that you want included in the contract
  • your activities and your invoicing method correctly fit into the eligibility criteria and that the required reporting is achievable
  • the duration of the commitment made by the factor or bank meets your needs
  • the credit insurance coverage is sufficient

It must be relatively easy for you to anticipate both the amount of financing generated and its price

The technical implementation phase – involving human and IT organisation – can start as soon as the partner has been chosen, without having to wait for the legal phase.

Business case

Our mission: Study, call for tender and implementation of a deconsolidating factoring contract in a unique context (lockdown in March 2020)

Background: Aeronautics subcontractor, owned by a private equity fund

Objective: Setting up a factoring programme, before 30 June 2021

Our achievments

  • Study and call for tender from the market’s factors and insurers, in an unprecedented emergency context
  • Obtainment of a confirmed line of € 90 million over a 3-year period in 3 countries for nine entities
  • Obtainment of a confirmed line in the middle of lockdown while the context tended to encourage a reduction in commitments

Information on the deal

  • Activity: Aeronautics – Defence
  • Country: Denmark, France, UK, US
  • Customers: Key accounts – aeronautics manufacturers
  • Type of contract: Confidential balance divestiture
  • Line: € 90 million
  • % of financing: 94% of receivables transferred
  • Cost: <2.00%
  • Duration: 3 years
  • Credit insurance: delegated

Our added value

  • Identification of factors covering all the group’s jurisdictions
  • Centralisation and coordination of the project for a group comprising several decision-making centres in the world
  • Training of 5 finance teams
  • Gearing up of the project