Growing mid-size company

Manage your factoring project. Opt for an economical and efficient solution to finance your development.

ETI en croissance et affacturage

Contexts encountered

A factoring line can be adapted to each phase of a company’s development. It is a tool for financing organic growth but also external growth or company transformation projects.


Supporting your development in France and abroad


Financing your external and/or organic growth operations


Securing the financing of your operation


Completing financing credit lines (Capex)

Benefits of factoring

  • Sustainable and adaptable financing
  • Possibility of confirmation in the long term
  • Deconsolidation according to IFRS, French GAAP and US GAAP rules
  • Rapid set-up (about 3 months)
  • Possibility of centralising your cash management
  • Resistance to changes in shareholders

Focus on factoring and growing mid-cap companies

Your business is growing in its domestic market and has already started to export within Europe and to other continents. In the years to come, you will open subsidiaries abroad, which will themselves have a wider reach than their national markets.

You will need to anticipate the financing of this development by choosing one or more factoring companies capable of following you in your new operations. For each new site, re-scaling of financing lines, extension of customer risk coverage, obtainment of financing agreements and technical implementation will be necessary.

Chateaudun Credit team will ask you the right questions to help you choose your partners successfully. We will accompany you and train your teams at each stage of your growth all whilst helping you develop your factoring and credit insurance programmes.

Business case

Our mission: Call for tender and implementation of a 2-stage factoring agreement to support the group’s development

Background: Growing food company


• Find a pan-European and uncapped financing solution
• Obtain attractive financing conditions tailored to the group’s growth
• Have an all-in annual financing cost of less than 1%

Our achievments

  • Study and call for tender aimed at the market’s factors and insurers
  • Obtainment of a credit line of € 30 million in 3 countries: France, Italy and Spain, with the possibility of rapid extension in Benelux and UK
  • Deconsolidating and confidential contract

Information about the deal

  • Activity: Manufacture of fresh food products
  • Country: France, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands, United Kingdom
  • Customers: Supermarkets
  • Type of contract: Confidential balance divestiture
  • Line: € 30 million, then € 41 million
  • % of financing: 90% of receivables transferred
  • Cost: <1.00%
  • Duration: unspecified
  • Credit insurance: included

Our added value

  • Comparison and obtainment of the best possible price on the market
  • Support to the various finance teams in monitoring and managing the implementation project
  • Advice on the choice of banking partner
  • Follow-up and support of the finance team to incorporate new entities in a second phase (6 months later)